Mr. D's Virtual Classroom

This is the website for Mr. Detweiler's American History Classes


Where do I look to find out my grades?  The grades are posted on Infinite Campus, and they should be easily accessed through the Parent Portal. (There is a Schoology gradebook as well, but that will serve as a "rough draft", and may be different from the official Infinite Campus version.)

Where do I go to find my assignments? Assignments will be posted on Schoology. (Some homework assignments may be posted on this website as well as Schoology. This would be for ease of communication.)

How do I submit my assignments?  Usually just submit them on Schoology. Sometimes I might direct you to create a Google Doc and share them with me at 

How do I contact you by email?  If you have a question you need answered quickly, the best way is by - - I check this spot daily when I get home from work, and probably several times during the night. If contact me at, I may not see the message until the next day.

What do I do if I do poorly on a quiz or test?  Check with me. I may let you do a retake with an alternate version. It depends on the assignment.

How do I raise my grade? I give small extra credit opportunities in class from time to time. But to bump up a grade on a serious basis, you would need to submit an extra credit homework assignment.  Generally, these are availible when I post a new Project Point cycle. You will be required to do one option out of several choices.  You can turn in ADDITIONAL options that would certainly raise your grade substantially.

What do I need to bring to class each day?  You need to bring a three-ring binder with loose-leaf pages, a spiral notebook to take notes, a planner, a device and something to write with.

How often will I need to use a device? You may need a device - at least for part of the class - on a daily basis. My tests, quizzes, homework and assignments are posted on Schoology, and you would need a device to access Schoology.

What if my device is not working at the time I need to use it?  Often, you can look on with your elbow partner. I will have a few paper copies of tests and quizzes for those who are in a temporary bind that day.

When can I come in for extra help? Fridays after school is the day assigned for Social Studies help. However, I have a flexible lunch schedule this year, and if you check with me, I can have you bring your lunch to my room where we can go over things that need it.

How do I study for one of your tests? Check on Schoology for old powerpoints posted. That will allow you to run through the photographs and remind you of what we did in class. The day before a unit test, I will usually have a "game show" review in class to reming you of what you need to study. Sometimes I will post/hand out a "term list" that should remind you of key vocabulary you need for the test. Lastly, take your notebook home the night before a test. Find a quiet spot, and read through all of the notes you took. Use a highlighter to bring out key information. Read through the notes a second time. Then a third time. Then stop. You should be done. Get a good night's sleep.