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Posted by mrdeeteacher on September 5, 2016 at 9:35 PM

ANNOUNCEMENTS:We are wrapping up our mini-unit on Egypt tomorrow. Project Points Number One assignments are all graded and posted as of yesterday.

Parents are encouraged to check this page to see what is happening in: Area Studies: Eastern Hemisphere.

I would direct you first to the FAQ section on the menu bar above.

CURRENT TOPIC: Reviewed today for the Egypt unit test.

NEXT TEST: Unit test on Egypt on Oct. 11th. 40 multiple choice questions. Worth 100 points.

NEXT HOMEWORK: Project Points # 2: Ancient Greece. Due October 25th.

UPCOMING TOPIC: Ancient Greece. As we examine systems of government as developed by the Athenians during the Golden Age of Ancient Greece

Last updated October 10, 2016

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